Most of the content we create qualifies as corporate video production. We help businesses big, medium and small in Seattle and beyond with brand videos, customer testimonial videos, event videos, television commercials — you name, our video production company can do it.

Aside from work we do with nonprofit organizations, the main focus of our work is corporate video production. You won’t see us at weddings or family reunions. We mostly create videos for companies that can be used on their website and social media. I’d call it one of our specialties actually because of the extensive experience we have in corporate video production.

corporate video production seattle
Capturing a skit with the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties

On top of that, storytelling is our superpower. We have more than two decades of experience in visual storytelling. Our Seattle video production company shoots authentic interviews and high quality visuals to create the most impactful and engaging videos for your business.

Our customers include many well known Seattle companies: Microsoft, Sub Pop Records, and HomeStreet Bank, among others. But we also partner with many small and medium size businesses as well. In fact, that’s most of the work we do. And we work in any industry. Our Seattle video production company is comfortable in any office setting or with frontline workers in a manufacturing plant.

Brand Videos

Much of our corporate video production comes in the form of brand videos. A brand video (also known as a feature video) tells who you are, what you do, where you do it and most importantly why you do what you do. It’s a chance to hook an audience with your mission, company culture, etc. Diving deep into the 5Ws to share your brand video is storytelling in its truest form.

“If you’re looking to tell a story with depth and consideration, I couldn’t recommend a better team than Moarly Creative,” said Nona Raybern of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohimish Counties, the nation’s largest homebuilders association.

Customer Testimonial Videos

We have also become well known for our customer testimonial videos. HomeStreet Bank first turned to us in 2017 to start a customer testimonial video series. The series was so successful that it is still running today. And the stories proved to be so powerful and engaging that we turned many of them into commercials for television and streaming services.

Testimonials as good as these are well worth the investment and continue to pay for themselves over and over again,” said Ryan Mitchell of HomeStreet Bank.

Our customer testimonial videos also often take form in a healthcare setting as patient success videos.

Marketing Videos

Corporate video production entails many different types of marketing videos, whether it’s a product or a project. Trinity Real Estate, a Seattle company that combines real estate with family office services, wanted to highlight a remodel of the Quilt Building in Pioneer Square. They walked us through the new building, highlighting the positive impact it had on the new owners.

And we’ve completed project and product videos for numerous other Seattle clients, including Global Diving & Salvage, Dwell Development, Linedata and many others. These links all lead to more examples of our marketing video production.

“I’ve worked with Moarly Creative for marketing videos on several occasions. I would recommend them to anyone,” said Linedata’s Alys Hahn. “Moarly Creative’s style is distinctive and I wouldn’t create videos with anyone else.” 

Event Videos | Corporate Video Production

Event videos also make up a chunk of our corporate video production. That can either be covering an in person event or creating fully produced virtual events for your business. In the case of Compass Group, the company who provides dining services to Microsoft, we created a series of in person event videos. All honored Microsoft employees following the easing of COVID restrictions and/or openings of restaurants that were shuttered during the pandemic.

corporate video production seattle
Our interview set up with Square One Distribution in Snoqualmie

On top of creating 1:00 and :30 long 16:9 videos for use on social media, we also created 9:16 content in the same lengths. That means Compass Group received four pieces of content per event. We’ve done the same for other clients mixing different lengths and dimensions, resulting in up to nine pieces of social media content from a single video shoot for one of our customers.

“I am very impressed with Moarly Creative’s hard-driving work ethic on shoot days that goes way beyond capturing a shot-list and also their speed in turning a highly polished finished video,” said David Campbell of the Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council.

Recruiting Videos

Corporate video production can also help you hire the best talent available. Crowley, a vessel management and supply chain logistics company, opened a new office space in Seattle. They invited us to cover the ribbon cutting ceremony and doubled the event video as a recruiting video as well. Everyone knows it’s difficult to find the right talent but video content can help give you an edge.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Moarly Creative for years,” said Eric Rose of Crowley. “I highly recommend them to any prospective client looking to promote their brand.”

Corporate Video Production

If you have a corporate video production need, we know how to create it. We’ve helped a construction company earn a multimillion dollar bid, celebrated a company’s 25th anniversary, and created how-to videos for new products. We create content for your company for use internally or externally.

corporate video production seattle
Our videographer shooting b-roll at the Port of Anchorage in Alaska

You’ve found your partner for corporate video production in Seattle. We work with you from start to finish to make the perfect piece of content every single time. That’s because your success is our success, and we’re simply passionate about the work we do. Please contact us by phone, text or email — whatever is easiest for you. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And visit YouTube and Vimeo if you’d like to see more of our corporate video production.