We see no greater demand in our business than healthcare video production. Look at any healthcare website or social media account and you’ll see video after video. Facilities, patient success stories, medical device companies and physicians all benefit from videos and powerful storytelling.

Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

We cover all the healthcare video production bases in and around Seattle. Take our video with Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine for example. They contacted our Seattle video production company to showcase their new outpatient joint program. The outpatient joint program allows some patients to have knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery and go home the same day.

healthcare video production seattle
Shooting our healthcare video about the outpatient joint program at POSM

Our healthcare video production included authentic interviews with surgeons and the first ever patient to go through the outpatient joint program, and we were even allowed to follow another patient through the process from beginning to end. Add that altogether with effective storytelling, and Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine had a top notch healthcare video for their website, social media and as a tool to show potential patients.


The Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine video has a patient success story element to it, but we often also solely focus on patient success videos. They’re some of our favorite stories to tell. We were recently hired by Kerecis, a company based in Iceland that utilizes fish skin for wound and burn care, for health care video production. The patient success story featured Marysville resident Chester Kitt and his Kirkland-based doctor, Mikhail Burikovskiy.

healthcare video production seattle
Chester Kitt visits Dr. Mikhail Burikovskiy during our shoot with Kerecis in Everett

Kitt needed to have part of his foot amputated after complications from diabetes. Following his surgery, Kitt had a wound on his foot that just wouldn’t heal. For three years (yes, three years) he and his doctor couldn’t get the wound to close, and that took a toll on Kitt physically and mentally. And then, they tried Kerecis fish skin. After just a few applications, the wound closed and Kitt was healed.

Healthcare Video Production

Dr. Burikovskiy is the hero of that patient success story but Kitt is the primary focus. When COAST Med Device reached out to us about healthcare video production, we turned the tables and created a series called Surgeons of Spine. The Surgeons of Spine series, focused on just that — surgeons who perform spine surgery in and around Seattle. The doctors became the focus.

healthcare video production seattle
Capturing an authentic interview with Dr. Alex Mohit for COAST Med Device

This healthcare video production also doubled as branded content for SeaSpine. That’s because Seattle-based COAST Med Device is an exclusive distributor of SeaSpine medical devices. You’ll notice in each doctor feature story that SeaSpine is never mentioned by name but you can see the name brand and unique orange medical devices throughout.

“We couldn’t be happier with the healthcare videos Moarly Creative makes for us,” said Mike Isaacson of COAST Med Device. “Tim’s conversational interview style digs into the heart of our stories. And they work safely to capture incredible visuals inside and outside of the operating room. There is not a Seattle video production company we would rather partner with for our storytelling and content creation.”

There is real power behind healthcare video production. That’s why you see videos in use by doctors, medical device companies, patient success stories, and facilities in and around Seattle. The return on investment is huge and you get to showcase incredible healthcare professionals and their stories in the process.

If you are looking for healthcare video production, be sure to contact our Seattle video production company Moarly Creative. Call, text, email — whatever is easiest for you. You can also track us down on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Or watch more of our healthcare video production on YouTube and Vimeo. Let’s create your healthcare videos together!