The purpose of storytelling is to elicit emotion. If there is no emotion — there is no point. And no story draws more emotion than patient success stories.

Patient success stories truly define the word storytelling, especially when those stories focus on changing or saving someone’s life. It can be fish skin that helps close a diabetic wound or a medical device that temporarily stops bleeding during a traumatic event.

patient success stories chester kitt

But, storytelling has to be done right. There is a method to it. It’s obviously important to focus on who, what, when, where and why. It’s also just as important for patient success stories to be authentic and real. That’s where the emotion comes from, and that’s what ultimately makes a story memorable. And that in turn makes a tremendously valuable piece of video, written or audible content.

And storytelling is the heart of what we do at Moarly Creative. With a first career in television news and a second career in video production and content creation, I have more than 20 years of experience in professional storytelling. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that I have shared thousands of stories in my career. And it’s truly a passion for me to capture and share powerful stories.

Healthcare is a haven for storytelling. The patient success stories are there. Tons of them. We just need to share them.


Kerecis understands the power of patient success stories. The Iceland-based company hired us to capture the story of Chester Kitt. The Seattle-area man has lived with diabetes for nearly 30 years, and a diabetic would caused gangrene in his foot. That eventually led to a partial amputation and a new wound that just wouldn’t close. Kitt was hampered by the wound for more than three years when his doctor Mikhail Burikovskiy introduced him to Kerecis fish skin technology (no joke, fish skin is used for wound care). After a few months of applications, Chester’s wound was fully healed. He’s finally back to living an enjoyable life.

Prytime Medical Devices

And there is this story about Caitlin Sullivan and Prytime Medical Devices. Caitlin was visiting her family in Colorado when she got into a skiing accident. She was rushed to the hospital and into surgery. As her surgeon Dr. Rebecca Vogel says in the video below, Caitlin was dying. That’s why Dr. Vogel used the Prytime Medical Devices ER-REBOA catheter. The device temporarily stopped her bleeding, allowing Dr. Vogel to find all of Sullivan’s injuries, ultimately saving her life. We were with the two when they were reunited at a Prytime Medical Devices event in San Antonio.

Patient Success Stories

As I recently heard it said, storytelling is soft selling with a hammer. And that is so true. Stories aren’t meant for blatantly shoving a facility, program or product down someone’s throat. It’s not needed. The patients and doctors do all the talking for you. It’s authentic. It’s real. And it sells. There is no stronger piece of content in healthcare marketing and sales materials than a powerful story.

patient success stories Caitlin Sullivan
My interview for Caitlin Sullivan’s patient success story

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