There are many different reasons you might want video on your website. It could be a brand video, customer testimonial video, how-to video — really anything. The videos we produce end up on websites and social media more than anywhere else. In other words, website video production is one of our specialties.

Brand Videos

The website video production we are most often contacted about is a brand video (or a feature story). A brand video is a video that reveals who you or your company are, what you do, where you work and most importantly why. Brand videos are storytelling at its finest: who, what, when, where, why. And the right video production team doesn’t just cover the 5W basics, they bring your brand video to life.

A brand story is the most foundational of website video production. In my opinion, everyone needs a brand video on their website. When done right, they are easily consumable, informational and engaging. After brand videos, it really comes down to your individual need.

Customer Testimonial Videos

website video production seattle
Capturing b-roll for a HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial video in Seattle

We live in a world where reviews mean everything. That makes customer testimonial videos really valuable, and one of the biggest reasons we’re hired for website video production work. HomeStreet Bank was one of the first to reach out to us for customer testimonial videos. We started a testimonial series with them in 2018 and the series still continues today. Known as Better Together, the customer testimonial videos focus on the commercial and business banking relationship between HomeStreet Bank and their banking partner.

Using authentic, conversational interviews and the best gear to capture high quality visuals and pinpoint audio, we create customer testimonial videos so HomeStreet Bank can use them on their website, social media, and we even turned some into commercials for television and streaming services.

How-To Videos

Again, website video production ultimately comes down to your need. In the case of Delivery Express Logisitics, they needed a how-to video. The delivery and logistics company headquartered in Tukwila wanted to help customers better understand how to place orders online. Online orders would help streamline the process for both the customer and Delivery Express Logistics.

website video production seattle
Shooting video at Delivery Express Logistics in Tukwila

It takes understanding on all sides to create an accurate and effective how-to video. At our Seattle video production company, we team with our clients through the pre-production process, into execution on shoot days, throughout post-production and obviously through completion and delivery. We become an offshoot of your team that drives to understand everything we need to know to make the perfect piece of content for you.

Website Video Production

Website video production options are endless: splash videos, patient success videos and even project showcase videos. Global Diving & Salvage has partnered with us for years, highlight projects they’ve completed from Seattle to Alaska, all the way to Florida, and many other stops along the way.

website video production seattle
Getting down with a Global Diving & Salvage marine construction crew in Seattle

They’re called Global Diving & Salvage but they are much more than just a diving and salvage company. Global is an environmental company that cleans up oil spills. They lead complex marine construction projects. They’re a well-rounded business with a fantastic reputation around the world, and our website videos are used for showcasing that for marketing and business development.

There is need for website video production. And there are a lot of places you can turn for help. We know that. But we’d love for you to at least reach out to our Seattle video production company Moarly Creative. Contact us by phone, text or email — whatever is easiest for you. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Or find more of our video production work on YouTube and Vimeo.