Our Seattle video production company specializes in storytelling. So it should come as no surprise that we are contacted about customer testimonial videos more than any other type of video. When you combine authentic interviews, quality visuals, pinpoint audio and sharp storytelling, the outcome is a powerful piece of content.

HomeStreet Bank realized this early on. They contacted us not long after the formation of our video production company to start a series of customer testimonial videos. The series — called Better Together — focuses on business and commercial banking testimonial videos. We began shooting the series in 2018 and it continues today.

“Tim and his crew create exceptional testimonial videos that bring the stories and experiences of our customers to life. Aside from being authentic and beautiful, these assets deliver real business value for our company,” said HomeStreet Bank creative director Ryan Mitchell.

customer testimonial videos
Shooting a customer testimonial video for HomeStreet Bank

The HomeStreet Bank customer testimonial videos are such a success that we turned many of them into commercials for television and streaming services. And the series has also led us across the West Coast and Pacific. HomeStreet Bank is headquartered in Seattle but their customer testimonial videos have taken us all over Western Washington and into Oregon, California and Hawaii.

 “Videos as good as these are well worth the investment and continue to pay for themselves over and over again,” said Mitchell.

We are constantly approached about customer testimonial videos for a reason. Another company we love to partner with is L2L. Their smart manufacturing software helps bring manufacturing plants into the digital era. It’s surprising how many manufacturing plants are still on paper-based systems these days.

customer testimonial videos
Collecting a customer testimonial video with L2L in Louisiana

As you might expect, L2L leads to a monumental shift in manufacturing success and plant culture, and we travel around the country to gather customer testimonial videos with them as well. We have shot with L2L in Arkansas, Louisiana and Ohio — just to name a few.

“Because they are efficient and flexible, your Seattle video production company can beat any pricing I have found in the market,” said L2L senior director of brand and communications Bill Boucher. “I recommend Moarly Creative with no hesitation.”

And the rave reviews don’t end there. Much like HomeStreet Bank and L2L, we have partnered with Global Diving & Salvage on customer testimonial videos for years. Their testimonial videos serve two purposes, actually. They highlight a project Global Diving & Salvage proudly completed and they also include a happy customer element as well.

Conducting an interview for a Global Diving & Salvage customer testimonial
Conducting an interview for a Global Diving & Salvage customer testimonial

Our work with Global Diving & Salvage (also a Seattle based company) has taken us all over the country — from Alaska to Florida, and many places in between.

“It’s just so easy to work with you. We didn’t have to spend a lot of time explaining what we needed. You just get it, which is really helpful,” said Global Diving & Salvage marketing director Danielle Carlson. “I give you an idea and then you do something that is better than what I asked for. It’s very low maintenance, which is all anyone wants in a vendor.”

Anyone can say that they make customer testimonial videos but I believe it takes a special skillset to do them right. With more than two decades of experience in television news and video production, and a long list of happy customers, we are the right partner for your customer testimonial videos in Seattle and beyond.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Seattle video production company Moarly Creative. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us via phone call, text message, email or whatever is easiest for you. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo. Let’s bring your customer testimonial videos come to life.