Client testimonial videos can be extremely powerful content — when they are done right. To create impactful client testimonial videos, it requires authentic interviews, quality audio and visuals, and professional storytelling. Add that all together and you have unforgettable, can’t-miss content.

With more than two decades of visual storytelling experience, client testimonial videos have become one of our specialties. We work with numerous businesses in different industries, and we capture stories right here in Seattle and beyond. Our video production company will travel wherever there is a great client testimonial to share. And we can do that in any corporate setting, on a construction site, or anywhere in between.

HomeStreet Bank

HomeStreet Bank uses our Seattle video production company for client testimonial videos. We started a series of client testimonials with them in 2017, and the series still continues today. The series called Better Together focuses on business banking and commercial banking relationships, and the series has taken us to locations along the West Coast and Pacific.

client testimonial videos seattle
Shooting b-roll for a client testimonial video with HomeStreet Bank

The client testimonial videos were so successful internally and externally, that we turned many of the feature stories into television commercials. There’s a good chance you’ve seen our client testimonial commercials on TV and/or streaming services in the Seattle market or elsewhere.

Global Diving & Salvage

Global Diving and Salvage is another longtime partner of ours for customer testimonial videos. Our video production with the Seattle based company started out as project features. Global Diving and Salvage has their hands in a lot of different things: environmental cleanup, vessel salvage and even marine construction. And they simply wanted to show everything they can do.

client testimonial videos seattle
Conducting an interview with Global Diving & Salvage in Florida

But what started out as project videos suddenly doubled as client testimonial videos when we added interviews with satisfied customers, while still showcasing Global Diving & Salvage’s impressive work. Global uses their client testimonial videos on their website, social media, for general marketing, as a business development tool, and even at their booth during conferences. Talk about a return on investment!

L2L Client Testimonial Videos

L2L offers a cloud-based lean manufacturing software. In easier terms, they’re helping to digitize manufacturing plants across the country. Tech can be a little complex to sell, especially when it comes to manufacturing. But instead of throwing around all sorts of complicated terms and a bunch of numbers, L2L simplifies things with client testimonial videos.

client testimonial videos seattle
Our videographer shooting visuals at Ball Metalpack in Arkansas

L2L is headquartered in Utah but they still partner with us for their visual storytelling. Numbers have their time and place in the sales process, but it’s extremely rare that they engage an audience. That’s where authentic client testimonials come in. A story will capture an audience before anything else, and L2L definitely sees the power in that.

TC Legend Homes

TC Legend Homes designs and build zero-energy homes. In fact, they build homes that are net-positive energy. That means a home is producing more energy than it uses. And they do it in Bellingham and around Western Washington. Their goal is to build homes for a carbon neutral future.

There is more and more demand for net-positive homes in and around Seattle. TC Legend Homes recently built the 20,000th Built Green home (click here to learn more about Built Green), which is a spectacular property in Whatcom County. On top of featuring the beautiful home, we also interviewed the homeowners to create a TC Legend Homes client testimonial videos.

Healthcare Client Testimonial Videos

Healthcare has a great need for client testimonial videos but they’re most commonly just called patient success videos or patient success stories. Like tech, medical devices can be complicated. There are a lot of confusing terms to navigate. But when you share how your device helps change or save lives with powerful storytelling — then it becomes content that’s impossible to turn off. That goes for the general public and potential customers alike.

patient success video seattle
Shooting b-roll of a patient and doctor for Prytime Medical Devices

Prytime Medical Devices is a medical device company that designs, develops and commercializes minimally invasive solutions for hemorrhage control. Their primary device is called REBOA or Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta. See, it can get confusing. In simple terms, REBOA helps stop excessive bleeding. But in the simplest terms, it helps save lives. And that’s what we show in their client testimonial videos.

Nonprofit Client Testimonial Videos

Nonprofit organizations benefit from client testimonial videos as well. That usually comes in the form of fundraising videos. Much like healthcare videos, it’s one thing to talk about what you do. But it’s a whole other thing to share how your organization is changing lives. Again, it all comes down to the power of storytelling.

nonprofit testimonial seattle
One of the events we attended with the Here and Now Project

The Here and Now project empowers and engages the paralysis community in Seattle and around the Pacific Northwest. They turned to us for a client testimonial video that wasn’t just used for fundraising, it’s also featured on their website as a brand video. We conducted several conversational interviews and attended multiple events to share the depth and breadth of the amazing organization.

If you’ve made it this far, you understand the power of customer testimonial videos. And hopefully you see the importance of finding the right Seattle video production company. That company is Moarly Creative. Please feel free to contact us by phone, text or email — whatever is easiest for you. That’s one of our main goals: keeping the process as simple as possible for you. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also watch more of our customer testimonial videos on YouTube and Vimeo.