There is possibly no industry as visual as construction. The big machinery, hard working crews, and of course the progress and completion of a project. On top of the great visuals and obviously impressive sounds, there is a story behind every project as well. And there are no three components more important than visuals, sounds and story for successful construction video production.

Penhall Company

We are a Seattle video production company, but Texas-based Penhall Company turns to us for construction video production. We partnered with Penhall when they were hired to make repairs to the Colorado River Aqueduct. And this was no ordinary job. Penhall Company needed to fix 117 locations over 97 miles, and they had just 7 days to complete their scope of work.

construction video production seattle
Our videographer captures Penhall Company crews working at night

One thing I always say to our video production team is that we grind to get everything we need for a story. We were up early with the Penhall Company team and we also stayed up late to capture all elements of the project. And we did it all in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California.

“In order to effectively tell our story, I believe you need to understand our journey,” said Chad Maddock of Penhall. “Your willingness to stand alongside our employees and understand the efforts required of everyone involved was a significant contributing factor to the success and quality of the video.”

Global Diving & Salvage

Whether your project is in the middle of the desert or on the water, we can help you tackle any construction video production required. We have worked with Seattle based Global Diving & Salvage for years, highlighting different marine construction projects. We’ve covered pile repair at the Port of Anchorage, bridge demolishing in California, and in this case saving an iconic Seattle restaurant.

Salty’s on Alki Beach is famous for its food and its incredible sights. It sits over the water on Elliott Bay in West Seattle, providing unobstructed views of the Seattle skyline. But being located on a pier comes at a cost, especially after 100 years. The pile and beams underneath Salty’s were rotting so they called up the crew at Global Diving & Salvage. To utilize the tides and not interrupt service, Global crews worked on off hours and that means we did too.

construction video production seattle
My interview for the Global Diving & Salvage project at Salty’s

Moarly Creative fully understands and embraces our creative direction,” said Eric Rose of Global Diving & Salvage. “Our industry isn’t the easiest to accept a ‘video crew’ onsite, but the Moarly Creative team is a welcomed sight on our job sites. I would highly recommend them to any prospective client looking to promote their brand.”

TRICO Construction Video Production

It’s our goal to earn every penny you dedicate to your construction video production. And we want to give you the greatest return on investment possible. And that’s exactly what we did for TRICO Companies, which is based north of Seattle in Burlington.

TRICO Companies was trying to earn a bid to create the new Skagit Valley Family YMCA. And they wanted to bulk up their bid with storytelling. We interviewed TRICO Companies employees and past customers for testimonials to show why TRICO Companies was the right construction company for the job. The interviews and ultimately the video revealed a heart for the local community — something you just can’t show on paper.

construction video production seattle
A drone shot from our TRICO Companies construction video production

And it worked out for TRICO Companies. They secured the $24 million bid for the project. That’s what I call return on investment.

“We want to say thank you for the work you did on our video,” said one TRICO Companies employee. “We are just so impressed with how you were able to tell the story exactly how we imagined it.”

Advanced Traffic Control

Advanced Traffic Control is the leading traffic control company in Western Washington. They team with contractors to shut down local freeways to allow for safe highway construction. The only problem is: they didn’t have a way to showcase their size, skill and capabilities. They don’t even have a website.

That’s why they turned to us for construction video construction. We used two shoot days (and two freeway closures) to collect interviews and video for their brand video. We used drones, GoPros, and handheld cameras to capture every angle possible, and properly show the work that Advanced Traffic Control does.

“Tim and his team worked side by side with our crews as they conducted dangerous freeway closure operations to capture the content they needed to properly tell our story,” said Advanced Traffic Control general manager Nick Chambers. “The end result is a video that exceeded our expectations and is already being used to secure new work with contractors.”

advanced traffic control
Working with Advanced Traffic Control on a freeway closure near Bellevue

Construction Video Production

To get your construction video production done right, we use the best gear to capture your projects. That includes drones and GoPros or whatever it takes to capture every angle of the job. And our video production team makes the process as simple as possible from start to finish, and we know how to stay safe and out of your way.

And to get the most bang for your buck, our video production company creates construction videos for use on your website, as marketing material on social media, as a business development tool and more.

If you’re still reading this, you’re likely in need of construction video production. Well, you found your partner in Moarly Creative. Please feel free to contact us by phone, text or email. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And you can watch more of our construction video production work on YouTube and Vimeo.