If you live in Seattle or have ever visited the city, you know the view from Kerry Park. It’s arguably the most iconic viewpoint in Seattle. It offers a spectacular view of the Space Needle, Seattle skyline, and Mount Rainer (on a clear enough day). People visit the park at all times of the day but there is no better time to take it all in than sunrise.

sunrise at kerry park in seattle

In the most obvious statement ever made, sunrise changes throughout the year. Luckily there are plenty of resources online to tell you when sunrise will happen at Kerry Park (Google Maps). Click here for one of the sites I use. And I advise arriving to the park well before sunrise. If you hit it on the right day, the colors in the sky start to change before the sun peaks over the horizon.

Kerry Park Sunrise Time Lapse

No matter what time of year you visit, sunrise is usually pretty quiet at Kerry Park (except for New Year’s Day). So not only do you get the wonderful view of the city, you practically have the park to yourself — which you can’t say often about Kerry Park. That’s not a complaint by any means. I don’t fault anyone for wanting to see the view. It just gets pretty crowded out there throughout the year.

So drink your coffee (this is Seattle after all), grab your camera, and beat the crowds for sunrise at Kerry Park. It provides incredible opportunities for videography and photography. But don’t forget to also sit back and enjoy the show. There aren’t many large cities in the United States that offer a more beautiful sunrise than Seattle.

Seattle Sunrise Photography

sunrise at kerry park in seattle

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